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30' Dome Assembly

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 8 months ago

Taking one pole at a time, insert it into one connector at the top of the dome. Insert the other end of the pole into a connector outward from the center of the dome. Insert the next three long poles from the center outward. You should now have formed an X at the top of the dome such that there should only be a little slack in the covering under the poles. Continue bending and inserting long poles working out and down from the top. Note: it does not matter which connector is on top and which is underneath; random is best; however if the poles seem unusually tight you might try switching the order of the connectors.


Here you can see we have added the first 4 long poles creating an X with 4 poles that radiate out from the top center clip's two connectors. Now with 8 poles create a 2 by 2 grid of regular squares by adding the 8 poles around the first 4 poles. As more poles are added, the canopy will become tighter requiring that you bend the poles and pull on the connectors to fit the poles in place.


Continue working out from this 2 by 2 grid by adding 12 poles. Each of these 12 poles points away from the center. Enclose these poles with 12 more poles to create a 4 by 4 grid of squares.


At each of the extreme 4 corners of your 4 by 4 grid you will find that there are three connectors attached to each of these 4 clips. Six poles will eventually intersect at these 4 clips which each have 3 connectors instead of the standard two; but do not add these additional poles at this time. First add one long pole to the middle of each of the 4 sides of your 4 by 4 grid. Next add one short pole to each side of the one long pole you added in the last step. Now you should have a total of 12 poles (4 long and 8 short extending out from the 4 by 4 grid.


Next add a ring of 20 long poles. Then 20 more that radiate out towards the ground. If you have a 30' Dome, Yurt or GroDome then you are done. If you have a 31' then continue to add poles as show below.


Now add 4 short poles radial out from the 3 way connections. If you have trouble inserting any of the short poles, remove the long poles adjacent to the window panels and then insert the short poles first. Then fill in the ring with 16 more long poles. Next extent outward with 20 long poles to complete the 31' YurtDome or GroDomes

This may sound and look complicated but the simple fact that you can not place a pole where there is no connector allows the construction of the dome to be a matter of adding one pole at a time while continuing to work out from the top center of the dome. Also, you can not fit a long pole where a short one is to go as there is not enough covering under the connectors to allow it to fit.


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