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 Accessories for Domes, Tents, Yurts and Greenhouses

Shelter Systems offers many additional accessories for its domes, tents, yurts, and greenhouses. These accessories include mosquito net doors and walls, floors, liners, porches, sunshades, stakes, PVC poles, tarp fasteners (Grip Clips), woven ripstop films, canvas, and vinyl.


Where shade can not be found consider getting one or more of our sunshades. The spacing between the Sunshade and the dome allows air to flow and dissipate heat that is absorbed by the Sunshade It is generaly better to have multiple small Sunshades on our 14, 18 and 20 foot domes and yurts as these fit the curve of the domed shape better than the larger Sunshades and provide space between them to heated air to escape.

The Woven Black or Silver Sunshades

we offer a woven sunshade in Black or Silver that fits the contours of the dome a better than our standard white/black and since it allows some of the wind through its weave handles wind better.


These shades block 80% and 70% respectively. They are both made with a loose weave material which allows for cooling air to flow through and rain can not puddle.


Black 80% Shade 12' x 16' $40 Ship $10 (with 10 snap grips)

Black 80% Shade 20' x 20' $100 Ship $20 (with 18 snap grips)

The Silver Aluminet Sunshade acts like a mirror to reflect unwanted sunlight and radiant heat. These come with snap grips.




Silver Aluninet 70% Shade 14' x 14' $86 Ship $10 (with 10 snap grips)

Silver Aluninet 70% Shade 21' x 21' $190 Ship $25 (with 18 snap grips)

If over heating is likely a problem consider two or more SunShades. Arrange your Sun Shades such that they do not overlap each other completely. The airspace under the shades and the gaps between the shades will allow heat to be dissipated and escape rather than be radiated back into your dome.

Net DoorNet door

Under certain circumstances you may want mosquito net doors in addition to your fabric ones. These are easily installed and are generous enough in width and length to keep the bugs out without the need for breakable zippers. It even keeps out no-see-ums, those micro-gnats you can't see. Opening two to four doors across from each other results in pleasant cross ventilation. The 14', 18', and 20' Yurt Domes can have as many as four net doors. The 30' Yurt Dome can have eight. They must be installed by us before you get your dome.

Price: $35 each. Shipping: $5

Sticky Back Velcro

An alternative to binder clips to hold your net door tight is Sticky Back Velcro; it also works well to secure regular doors against high wind, floors tight to side walls, and to create a net closure for upper Vent Tube openings. See Instruction Manual under net doors, floors, and Vent Tubes for details on how to install Velcro.

Price: Six yards of both "hook" and "loop" Velcro $25 (includes Shipping)


Make your own net doors with Grip Clips (see below). Make net covers for your upper vents with Velcro (see above).

Price: Four yards of Netting $40 (includes Shipping


Some type of ground cover is necessary to keep dampness from coming up into your space. Shelter Systems' floors are made of a blue, tough, tarp material. There is a good reason that our floors are not sewn in. We have eliminated a critical area for leaks: seams at ground level. Additionally, if you plan on storing your dome, the dirty floor can be rolled up separately so it will not smudge your walls. 12 Light Fabric Grip Clip tarp fasteners are provided to secure the floor. If you decide to use your own tarp for a floor consider getting some Grip Clip tarp fasteners (see below) to attach your floor to your Yurt Dome's wall.

Prices: 30' Floor-$270, Shipping: $55; 31.' Floor $300 Shipping $65; 20' Floor -$120, Shipping: $40; 18' Floor -$95, Shipping: $40; 14' Floor -$75, Shipping: $25; 11' Floor -$45, Shipping: $25;

Porch sunshade

Our Porch is a 5 1/2'x5 1/2' arched square. Porches can be attached in minutes to any of our domes. With a porch you can keep your door open in a warm rain. It gives you space to take off your raincoat or boots before going in. Wet gear can be hung underneath it. The porch covering is made out of our translucent greenhouse woven ripstop film for maximum light transmission. However if you wish, you can special order the porch in white for less light or in white with black for a shade porch. An excellent addition to your Dome.

Price: $78. Shipping: $25 

Grip Clip™ Tarp Fasteners

That which holds it all together, Grip Clip™ tarp fasteners were designed to make our Yurt Domes but can be put to many other uses. If you decide to make your own floor out of a tarp, use 12 of the Light Fabric Grip Clips to secure the tarp to the walls of your Yurt Dome. This will keep the floor from sliding around. The General Purpose Grip Clip tarp fasteners can add more wind stability to the our standard Sun Shades. If you one or two Grip Clips with cords to the mid edge section of your Sun Shades and tie these out your Sun Shade will flap less in the wind. You can also make your own shelter tarps, canopies, sunshades, and windscreens instantly from any plastic sheeting or fabric. They can be used for joining panels of material together and/or for attaching anchor lines, without perforating the tarps or sheeting. They "button" on quickly and securely, yet can be removed and repositioned as you like. You will find endless uses for them about your Yurt Dome, at home, in the garden, while camping, and at construction sites. Almost indestructible and at times indispensable™, Grip Clips will help you create what you need. More information on the Grip Clip Tarp Fasteners.

The Amazing Grip Clip


A full liner will increase the winter comfort of your dome. A liner reduces heat loss from radiation, conduction and convection by creating an insulating dead air (i.e., the liner's air does not circulate with the dome air) space of 2"-3". It also helps prevents condensation which may occur in very cold situations. The full liner is constructed of a white fire-retardant ripstop film with clear vinyl windows for a wonderfully bright and warm space. We also make liners for our greenhouses out of the translucent greenhouse covering. To install, you tie it in place at each intersection point on the dome, pulling it tight. Installation is simple and takes about one hour. You can order a liner with your dome and install it right away, or decide to add one later. If you plan on spending a winter in your dome, a liner will produce a more evenly heated space and you will use less fuel. Be sure to tell us if you want a white or greenhouse liner. Photo to the right shows a 20' dome with a liner.

Price: 30' liner-$1800 Shipping $160; 20'-$750, Shipping $65; 18'-$660, Shipping $55; 14'-$540, Shipping $45;

Repair Kit

The materials Shelter Systems' tents are are very tough. It is quite hard to poke a hole in them, let alone tear them. However, we do offer a complete repair kit that includes at least 4 square feet of each of the materials that we make the domes of (translucent, and white woven ripstop films and clear vinyl), Grip Clips (2 General and 2 Heavy Duty), 10' of cord, and a tube of clear 100% silicone rubber glue. This kit will allow you to repair most damage to your covering.

Price: $45 (includes Shipping)

Extra Poles

We offer our PVC poles so that customers can make repairs, replacements or just to have extra on hand.

Price: $3 each. Shipping: $10. Please tell us which size Shelter poles you want.

Extra Tri Hubs

Shelter Systems' Tri Hubs. These are used in our 8 'and 11' Gro-Domes.

Price: $10 each. Shipping: $10

Extra Connectors

Shelter Systems' connectors come in pairs. They are used in our 10', 14', 18', and 20' Domes.

Price: $25 for 5 pairs. Shipping included.

StakesExtra Stakes

All our Yurt Dome and Gro Domes come with a complete set of stakes made of high-impact ABS plastic. They are 12" long and have excellent holding power in most soils. We do however offer extra Shelter Systems' stakes. Price: $25 for a set of 5. Shipping included.



Shelter Systems' Special Super Strong Woven Ripstop Films

Shelter Systems' coverings are made by taking a special plastic copolymer (a simple compound composed of carbon and hydrogen which is chemically similar to wax) and stretching it until it becomes stiff. At this point, the material is at its maximum tensile (pull) strength. It is then sliced into thin strips and woven into a fabric. This gives it amazing tear resistance. The fabric is then laminated on both sides with some sheets of the same stretch-strengthened material and is thereby stabilized and super strengthened. You cannot tear it.

Shelter Systems' Translucent: Lets 90% of sunlight through (more than glass). UV transmission is over 75%. Designed for greenhouse and solar use.

You can sew wider widths on with a home sewing machine. Use cotton covered polyester heavy duty thread (available at most sewing stores). Sew 1/2" "fin" seams. Most needles will work. About 10 stitches per inch. The seams tend not to leak but if your use requires them to be totally water tight then you should seal them with silicone rubber.

Greenhouse fabric: uvB=59% transmission; uvA=68% transmission; visible light transmission=84%

All Shelter Systems' coverings incorporate UV sunscreen inhibitors to help block damage from the sun and give the covering a longer useful life.

Shelter Systems' White: Lets 60% of light through; not enough for greenhouse use.

white fabric: uvB=0% transmission; uvA=0% transmission; visible light tansmission 25%

Shelter Systems' White with Black Shade :

White outside to reflect light and the sun and black inside to block light and sun.

Translucent, White or Shade (White with Black) It comes 6' wide, in any length. You can sew wider widths on with a home sewing machine. Use cotton covered polyester heavy duty thread (available at most sewing stores). Sew 1/2" "fin" seams. Most needles will work. About 10 stitches per inch. The seams tend not to leak but if your use requires them to be totally water tight then you should seal them with silicone rubber.

Price: $10 a yard. Minimum of 4 yards. Under 20', add $15 for shipping and handling; over 20', shipping costs increase.

Clear Vinyl: Heavy gauge (10 mils), UV-stabilized. We use this for our windows. You can make your own windows by cutting a hole in your dome panel (do not cut the fabric that is tensioned under the poles of your dome) and by shingling a piece of clear vinyl inside the dome above the hole (underlapping) and outside below the hole (overlapping). A simple way to attach the vinyl is with our Sticky-Backed Velcro. The vinyl comes 48" wide, in any length.

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