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Artux Equipment

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Equipment needed for the Main building:









Kitchen sink




Electric stove



Medical Equipment



Foundation: hired local labor, gravel and sand sublayer, local stone, mud/sand slip to fill

    space between stones.



Earthen Floors: adobe "pavers" (4" x 16" x 16") stabilized with mud/sand slip


Plastering: adobe earthen plastering and lime stucco plastering



Straw Bales: 310 new construction grade bales from local wheat fields.



Heating: in-floor/slab hydronic radiant system using existing components (domestic electric

    water heater as support system, manifold system and pumps, Thermomax solar hot

    water collectors to be installed on roof), hot water tubing.



Cooling: passive, chimney effect. cool water piping from underground water resevoir.



Water System: use rain catchment system, storage tank, pump and pressure tank



Electric System: use PV system (solar fabric, battery bank, and inverter)



Septic System: water treatment center for gray water, black treatment off site.



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