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Domes, Yurts, Tents and Greenhouses Go Up in 30 Minutes

Shelter Systems domes are not kits. You don't have to cut anything. You don't need any tools. Everything is in place and ready to assemble. All dome poles except the window poles are the same length, and interchangeable - every pole will go in every other position. All window poles are the same length. Only the most general directions are required (and are provided with each dome, of course). Most people can put up the 14, 18, and 20 in 30 minutes. Shelter Systems domes create multipurpose enclosures that are affordable, portable, reliable, windproof and watertight.


step 1step 2

Shelter Systems domes come to you in two packages of approximately equal weight (for the 18'er 30 lbs each).
Spread out poles and covering on top of floor.
step 3step 4
Add poles to top of dome covering one pole at a time. Each pole is the same length so you cannot go wrong.
Continue to work your way around dome adding poles.
step 5step 6
The poles bend slightly, adding tension to the covering and the dome begins to lift off the ground.

Before you know it, the last poles are added and your dome is up!

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