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CBD Main

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  G-000        Cover Sheet

  G-001        Table of Contents

  G-100        Project Description

  G-200        Notes


 TS-100       Topographic Survey


  V-100       Survey/Mapping


  L-100        Landscaping: Main

  L-200        Landscaping: Satellite


  S-000        Schedules

  S-001        Keynote Legend

  S-002        Structural Notes

  S-100        Structural Plans: Main

  S-110        Structural Plans: Satellites

  S-200        Structural Elevations: Main

  S-210        Structural Elevations: Satellites

  S-300        Structural Sections: Main

  S-310        Structural Sections: Satellites

  S-500        Structural Details: Main

  S-500        Structural Details: Satellites


  A-000        Schedules

  A-001        Keynote Legend

  A-002        Architectural Notes

  A-100        Plans: Main

  A-110        Plans: Satellites

  A-200        Elevations: Main

  A-210        Elevations: Satellites

  A-300        Sections: Main

  A-310        Sections: Satellites

  A-500        Details: Main

  A-510        Details: Satellites

  A-900        3D Representations: Main

  A-910        3D Representations: Satellites


   I-100        Interiors: Main

   I-200        Interiors: Satellites


  Q-100        Equipment: Main

  Q-200        Equipment: Satellites


  P-100        Plumbing: Main

  P-200        Plumbing: Satellites


  D-000        Process: General

  D-100        Process: Main

  D-200        Process: Satellites


  M-100        Mechanical: Main

  M-200        Mechanical: Satellites


  E-100        Electrical: Main

  E-200        Electrical: Satellites


  T-100        Telecommunications: Main

  T-200        Telecommunications: Satellites


  R-000        General Resources

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