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Satellite Structure Study

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Portable Geodisic Yurts


Known for their lightweight construction and strength as well as for the large amount of light they let in, they are made with a strong, tear-resistant fabric and non-puncturing tarp fasteners. They are truly portable and guaranteed to be leak proof. These Yurts have served as family living spaces, camping tents, emergency shelters, studios, playrooms, retreats, fair pavilions, expedition tents, research tents, and more. Note that on this site we use the terms domes and yurts interchangeably.



Sturdy Design

Yurts are stronger than any other structure made of the same materials. Because of its curved shape with no corners, there are no weak points.


The frame and the covering are not in direct contact. The important benefits from this design are that the covering is under constant, even tension so that the tent will not flap or shred in the wind. The poles cannot rub against the covering, thereby wearing holes in it. Water and leaf debris do not get caught in dips between the poles since the covering is tightly suspended under the poles. The poles and covering are not touching, so there is no temperature buildup to degrade the fabric at contact points.


The buildup of moisture is driven out through the overlapped panels by vapor pressure and does not condense inside the tent.


The covering effectively excludes rain, dampness, wind, cold, leaves and other debris. The completely waterproof covering and the shingling's breathability make a rain fly unnecessary. The covering is manufactured in three layers which are heat bonded together. It is UV-stabilized to withstand up to 3 years of full sun exposure. The white color of the covering defuses the sun and provides 40% shade.


The translucent white covering creates a bright interior, transmitting 60% of the light.


The dome shape has other comfort features: The interior can be divided into "rooms." The tent has more volume than a flat-sided one and therefore feels, and is, more spacious. The shape is more heat efficient because less fuel is needed to heat it plus the heat circulates more evenly.


A drawing comparing the sizes of 8'/2.4m, 11'/3.3m, 14'/4.2m, 18'/5.4m, and 20'/6m
Diagram of sizes

Comparing the package size and weight, and door size of domes.

    8'-Yurt  11' Yurt  14' Yurt  18' Yurt  20' Yurt  30 ' Yurt
Pkg Size:            
Poles  40"x3"x3"  45"x3"x3"  46"x8"x8"  57"x11"x11"  64"x12"12"  62"x18"x15"
Covering  30"x 8"x 4"  35"x8"x5"  28"x13"x13"  31"x24"x18"  36"x18"x18"  43"x23"x23"
Poles  8 lbs  9 lbs  22 lbs  39 lbs  40 lbs  112 lbs
Covering  9 lbs  11 lbs  20 lbs  31 lbs  35 lbs  67 lbs

Standable distance from wall and standable area for 6 feet or 1.8 meter person

    8'-Yurt  11' Yurt  14' Yurt  18' Yurt  20' Yurt  30 ' Yurt
 ft from wall   2 ft  5 ft  3.4 ft  2.8 ft  2.1 ft   3.3 ft
m from wall
  .6 m  1.5 m  1 m  .86 m  .64 m   1 m
sq feet
 28 sq ft  1 sq ft  36 sq ft  138 sq ft  196 sq ft
 429 sq ft
 sq meters  2.6 sq m  .09 sq m  3.3 sq m  12.8 sq m  18.2 sq m  40 sq m



Relative size footprints

Comparisons in square feet, square meters, cubic feet, and cubic meters per dome.

    8'-Yurt  11' Yurt  14' Yurt  18' Yurt  20' Yurt  30 ' Yurt
 sq ft  50  sq ft  95  sq ft  154  sq ft  254  sq ft  314  sq ft  706  sq ft
 sq m  4.65  sq m  8.84  sq m  14.32  sq m  23.62  sq m  29.2  sq m  65.66  sq m
 ft 3  183.5 ft 3  348 ft 3  718 ft 3  1526ft 3  2093 ft 3  4662.5 ft 3
 m 3  5.25  m 3  9.95  m 3  20.5  m 3  43.5  m 3  60  m 3  133 m 3


The number of persons that can sleep in each dome.

Comparing the Width and Height of the Doors

Note that the doors are not as wide at the top as they are at the bottom

    8' Yurt  11' Yurt  14' Yurt  18' Yurt  20' Yurt  30 ' Yurt
Door Size  50"x 50"  55"x55"  42"x42" 51"x51" 64"x64" 69"x69"



Comparing the Width and Height Arch of 14',18', 20', and 30' in Opened Arch



 Dome Size


Width of Opening


 Height of Opening

Diameter at


 14' dome


11' 6 "


 5' 6"


 18' dome


14' 6"




 20' dome


 16' 6"


 7' 5"


 30' dome


23' 5"


 7' 4"



Relative volumes of the 30'er, 20' Bubble, 20'er, 18' Bubble, 18'er, 14' Bubble, 14'er, 10' Bubble, 11'er, and the 8'er

Side view of 30'er, 20' Bubble, 20'er, and 18' Bubble

Side view of 18'er, 14' Bubble, 14'er, 10' Bubble, 11'er, and 8'er



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