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Serikbuya Bazaar

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Serikbuya Bazaar



Since Karakurum highway opened to third Country tourists in 1984, The border city of China "Kashgar" got her second flourishing period after a long break. Tourists from all over the world started to flood this ancient city with a great amaze. Hundred years old streets of the town, pureness and hospitality of the local Uyghurs touched their heart.






Very shortly, tourists heart-felt experience "you don't know how big China is without coming to Xinjiang, you can't say you have been to Xinjiang without seeing Kashgar" become an adphrase for tourisim departments of local government.






Beyond so many tourist attractions, the Sunday farmers market, a place where tens of thousands of people gather together not for tourists just for to make their own living, become the highlight of Silk road tours.






However, the rapid developement of the urban construction changed the "Classic face" of Sunday market in to a "modern beauty". high buildings have risen, regular shops built, horse and donkey cards forbidden to ride in to the market,livestock sections where people trade sheep, goat, camels and yaks shifted far away from the market.....






I, an old tour guide since 1985, witness of the changes on the market, can't enjoy market now as I did before although tourists still seem quite happy with its present. I think it is because they don't know how it was! with this reason, I have been exploring a new real village market in the oasis along the huge desert, thank to god! I found one at Serikbuya village between Yarkand and Bachu. It was just the copy of old Kashgar Sunday market, everything seems to me so familiar! I was mad with shooting pictures all day. What is different from Kashgar market is, it is not on Sunday but on Thursday, not many people knows and not mentioned on any travel guide books before.







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