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Tarp Fasteners

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   How Does it Work?

The Grip Clip tarp fastener is specially designed to lock on to tarps and fabrics, without puncturing them. The GP and HD Grip Clip tarp fastener will withstand a 150-to-200 lb. pull without coming off or tearing the tarp at the point of attachment. We achieve this through the following design features. The tarp passes over and under multiple sections of the tarp fastener. Thus the tarp is in contact with a large surface area of the fastener. By spreading out the force exerted on the tarp and increasing the friction between it and the fastener, the tarp is prevented from slipping or tearing. The two pieces of the Grip Clip tarp fastener lock together (somewhat like a button in a button hole), engaging the tarp between them, so that the two pieces cannot come apart accidentally.
The Grip Clip tarp and fabric fastener is made of a UV-stabilized (for longer sun resistance), extremely tough and durable co-polymer. The tarp fastener's trademark color is white to reflect the sun's heat and light which will prevent the sun from degrading the tarp at points of attachment. The cord provided with each Grip Clip is a super nylon with high weight-bearing strength.
The Grip Clip tarp and fabric fastener will revolutionize the way you think of tarps. No more grommets ripping out and your expensive tarp, ruined, flapping in the wind. You will find that you can--on the spot--join and shape tarps to create watertight covers without resorting to sewing (time consuming and leaks at the seams), tape (messy and peels off) or other tarp fasteners (which pop off).

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